Contributing Citizens

The goal of the DDS mission is to help ensure that people served by the department get the supports they need to become valued citizens in their communities.  Supports provided through DDS are intended to result in individuals being respected and valued as family members, friends, neighbors, students, employees, volunteers, members of civic and religious associations, voters, and advocates.

People with disabilities want the same things as anyone else.  Like most people, they hope to live a long, healthy, productive, and happy life.  When they look back on their life, they want others to note that they were well-loved by family and friends, that they had a long and successful career, and that they were respected and valued in their community for their unique characteristics and for their contributions to their community through civic, religious or volunteer activities.

In the past, DDS emphasized presence and participation in community life.  Today the emphasis is on the development of mutually beneficial relationships where people give as well as receive and in turn are valued as contributing citizens.

Ideas to assist people with disabilities to become “contributing citizens” are listed below:

Family members:
Members of Civic Organizations
Members of Religious Organizations