COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease 2019) Updates for DDS Providers

General Provider Memos regarding COVID-19

Masking Guidance 11-30-22

Updated Masking and Vaccination Guidance 3-16-22

Training Extension to Providers 2-16-22

Quality Licensing Visits Memo 2-8-22

DDS Memo - COVID-19 CDC and DPH Resources 12-27-21

COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate Compliance 11-9-21

Congregate Vaccination Support 10-8-21

DDS Provider Vaccine Mandate Update 9-29-21

Vaccine Mandate Memo 9-10-21

DDS COVID-19 Post-Vaccine Exposure Guidance revised 8-2-21

DDS QSR Reopening Plan 7-15-21

DDS Provider Guidance- Transportation 6-4-21

Employment and Day Provider Guidance 5-27-21

CLA Reopening Plan 5-25-21

EDS Reopening Memo 4-9-21

DDS Memo COVID-19 Post Vaccine Exposure Guidance 4-6-2021

DDS Providers COVID-19 Vaccine Consent Form FINAL 3-19-2021.pdf
DDS Providers COVID-19 Vaccine Consent Form FINAL 3-19-2021.docx


Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine Fact Sheet
Pfizer BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine Fact Sheet revised 2-25-2021

Visitation Guidance - 3-16-2021

Operations Center Memo FY21-10 Senior Support Reporting Oversite 2-5-21

Vaccine Rollout for Congregate Settings - Facilities 1-25-21

Provider Guide - Outbreak Response - Non-Medical Congregate 1-13-21

Operations Center Memo FY21-07 Employment and Day Reimbursement Rate Changes

Vaccine Information 12-11-20

COVID Day Program Update 11-10-20

DDS Day Reopening Delay 10-28-20

DDS Provider Testing 10-1-20

Provider Memo Regarding Phase 2 Employment and Day Service Reopening 9-15-20

An important update on Employment and Day Reopening Phases 8-5-20

EDS Provider Reopening Plans Best Practices 8-4-20

DDS Waivered Services 8-4-20

CCH Licensing Reopening 8-3-20

CLA Licensing Reopening 8-3-20

DDS QSR Provider Memo 7-29-20

DDS Out of State Travel Memo 7-22-20

DDS Reopening Plans- Visitation Guidelines for Campus-Based Settings 6-24-20

DDS Visitation Reopening Plans Memo 6-12-20
COVID-19 Risk Assessment Template 6-12-20 updated 6-15-20
COVID-19 Family, Visitor and Home Visit Screening Protocol 6-12-20 updated 6-30-20
Sample Risk Notification template for Providers 6-12-20
Visitation Checklist 6-12-20
Consolidated Contact Tracing Form 6-12-20 updated 6-30-20

DDS Employment and Day Services Reopening Memo 6-10-20
CDC Stop the Spread of Germs 6-10-20
DDS Survey Results 6-10-20
Governors Reopen Report 6-10-20

DDS Camp Harkness Reopening Memo 6-10-20

Operations Center Memo 2020-22 Private COVID-19 Post Exposure Guidance Updated-05-01-2020

DDS COVID-19 Temporary Provider Qualification Process 4-30-20

Emergency Service Modifications 4-16-2020

Memo on Temporary Process Changes 4-9-20

PUI - Person Under Investigation Guidelines with Highlighted Changes 4-1-2020

DDS Communication Waiver Overview Appendix K 4-2-2020

Health and Wellness Check-in Questions 3-18-20


Status Reports

COVID-19 Vaccine Tracking Instructions 11-29-2021
Provider COVID-19 Vaccine Tracking 11-29-2021

COVID-19 Vaccine Tracking Instructions 3-5-2021
Provider COVID-19 Vaccine Tracking 3-5-2021

Revised COVID Reporting Procedures 11-13-20

DDS Individual COVID-19 Confirmed Cases Report Updated 11-13-2020

2020-22 Private COVID-19 Post Exposure Guidance Updated 05-01-2020

DDS Memo- Post COVID Exposure Procedure 4-29-20


Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

COVID PPE Update 11-10-20

Updated PPE Request Form as of 8-12-20

N95 guidance 8-12-20

PPE Update Memo to Providers 8-12-20- UPDATED

Tight-fitting N95 Respirator Mask Training 8-12-20

PPE and PUI Guidance 4-3-20

COVID-19 - Optimizing PPE - Updated Recommendations and Homemade Masks 4-3-2020

CDC PPE Donning and Doffing 4-3-20

ARCHIVED Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

Fire Safety

Fire Safety Guidance Memo 2-10-21

Fire Safety Guidance Memo 11-30-20

DDS Fire Safety Guidance Memo 6-10-20

DDS Fire Drill Guidance During COVID-19 revised 4-30-20

Fire Safety Guidance Memo 4-14-20

Frequently Asked Questions

DDS Provider Q&A 7-1-20

FAQ Reopening Employment and Day Services 6-17-20

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) regarding DDS Provider Guidance on COVID-19 4-14-20 (Updated: As of April 14, 2020)

Health Nursing FAQ 3-19-20 (Updated: As of March 19, 2020)

Funding and COVID-19 Supplemental Payment Guidance

Operations Center Memo FY21-08 In-home CLA and CRS Authorizations

COVID-19 Funding 12-14-20

Coronavirus Relief Fund Guidance for State Territorial Local and Tribal Governments

July 2020 Covid-19 Supplemental Payments 12-2-20

COVID-19 Funding 11-30-20

Fiscal Year 2020 Cost Report and Coronavirus Funding Instructions 10-6-20

COVID-19 Funding Revised 9-22-20

COVID-19 Funding 9-15-20

A revised memo on Fiscal Years 2020 and 2021 Coronavirus Funding 8-5-20

CRF & PPP memo 8-4-20

COVID-19 Cost Reporting 2 7-20-20

COVID-19 Funding 7-20-20

Individual Budget Provider Reimbursements 7-13-20

COVID-19 Funding Memo re: Cost Reports 7-6-20

COVID-19 Funding 7-1-20

Corona Virus Relief Funds 6-26-20

DDS Provider COVID-19 Funding 6-9-20

Small Business Administration Paycheck Protection Program Loans 6-9-20

2020-23 Billing Attendance Clarification 6-1-20

DDS Provider COVID-19 Funding 2 4-29-20

IHS Authorizations Identification Form Instructions
IHS Authorizations Identification Form

Self Determination COVID-19 3-27-20

DSS guidance regarding billing for Adult Day Services for participants who are not able to attend the center in person. 3-26-20

Provider COVID-19 Funding 3-17-20

Community Companion Home (CCH)

CCH Licensing Reopening 8-3-20

CCH COVID-19 Supplemental Payments 4-7-20

Clinical Guidance

DDS COVID-19 Post-Vaccine Exposure Guidance 6-21-2021

DDS Memo Aerosol Generating Procedures at Day Program 5-24-21

Medication Certification Extension - Final 4-26-21

CT DPH Guidance - Blast Fax 2020-109 Nursing Other Allied Health Student Clinical Rotations 11-3-2020

Memo - Nursing and Other Allied Health Student Clinical Rotations 3-17-2021

Medication Administration Waiver 12-18-20

DDS COVID-19 Health Related FAQ 12-2-20

DDS COVID-19 Front Door Screening Revised 11-10-2020

Medication Certification Extension 6-15-20

Medication Administration FAQ 5-20-20

Interim Quarterly Medication Audit during COVID-19 5-8-20

Memo on Remote Re-training for Med Errors/Prohibited Practices 5-7-20

Providers - Hospital Admissions Emergency Department Notice - Revised - 4-28-20

CO - Authorization - Off Label - COVID-19 REVISED 4-21-20

New Process Online Med Admin Course 4-16-20

Memo - COVID-19 Hands Only - Compression Only CPR 4-8-20

Protocol for Residential Staff Exposures and COVID-19 Positive Testing 3-25-20

COVID-19 - Med Admin Letter to Providers and DDS Public Programs - 3-17-20

Med Admin Leap Year Calendar - 30 - 90 - 180 Day Expiration Dates 3-17-20


Other Resources

COVID-19 Vaccinations in Connecticut- State of CT website- { }

Addendum 11 - Interim Guidance for the Use of Face Coverings in Schools during COVID-19 9-14-20

DPH CT Testing FAQ 06-18-2020

Best Practices for Virtual Communication with People with Disabilities 5-27-20

Benefits and DDS Rent Subsidy 5-21-20

Funeral Funds for DDS Individuals 5-18-20

DSS Update Regarding Medicaid Coverage 5-8-20

"When it Builds Up, Talk it Out" 1-833-258-5011. For parents and caregivers who need someone to listen, to understand and to talk your feelings out.

CHDI - Supporting Families During Well-Child and other Visits : New Issues in the COVID-19 Environment 4-13-20

Disability Rights Connecticut: COVID-19 Flyer 4-9-20

Visual Tools 1 Coronavirus Information 4-8-20

Visual Tools 2 COVID-19 Symptoms 4-8-20

CDC Video - What can I do to protect myself from COVID-19 4-3-20

CDC Video - How does COVID-19 spread? 4-3-20

CDC Video - 6 Steps to prevent COVID-19 4-3-20

CDC Video - 10 Things you can do to manage COVID-19 at home 4-3-20

Provider COVID-19 Diagnosis Report 4-1-20

Husky COVID-19 Resources 3-27-2020
Husky COVID-19 Resources in Spanish en espanol 3-27-20

Connecticut Recovery Bridge Loan Program 3-26-20 3-13-20 3-17-20