Community Companion Homes CCH

When circumstances make it impractical for a child or an adult to live in their family home, placement in a DDS licensed Community Companion Home (CCH) can be a great choice. The CCH model offers a family setting to people with intellectual disabilities.  Families of diverse cultures, backgrounds and composition are sought for the best possible match.

CCH Introduction Packet
Introduction Packet
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CCH Background Check
Background checks, references, and training
We conduct four different background checks and three references on all prospective CCH licensees.  CCH licensees receive extensive and ongoing training regarding supporting individuals.
CCH Interview
Interview and Home Study
This gives us a chance for us to learn more about your specific interests and lifestyle, and is also a chance for us to visit with you in your home and determine your unique CCH potential.
Match Search Match search
We start to look for good potential matches based on your lifestyle, personal preferences and needs. When we find individuals we think might be a fit, we call you both and tell you about each other. If you decide you would like to meet, we plan a time for an introduction meeting.
CCH Introduction Meet and Greet
When potential matches have agreed to meet, DDS and/or one of its partner agency’s staff facilitates a conversation between the CCH licensees of their choice. Individuals have the opportunity to ask each other questions and determine whether they would like to proceed with the transition process. You can see for yourself if this person might be a good fit for you.  Families are welcome to participate as well.
CCH Transition Transition
Once a CCH licensee and individual agree to consider a match, opportunities for overnight visits are arranged. During this time, either person can decide to end the match. An individual doesn’t bring all of their things during this trial process.
CCH Match Agreement
Match agreement
If both parties agree to complete a transition, DDS case management and CCH staff will work together to finalize the move in process.
CCH Continuing Contact Continuing contact
DDS and its provider partner’s staff stays in regular contact with individuals and CCH licenses throughout the life of the match and are available to provide consistent support and intervene if needs change or issues arise.  These supports include technical and clinical supports.