Individual and Family Grants

What are Individual and Family Grants?
Individual and Family Grants are cash subsidies for the purpose of providing individual and family supports or defraying disability-related expenses. Supports that may be purchased with these subsidies include, but are not limited to, respite, in home supports, behavioral supports, nursing, medical or clinical supports, temporary assistance, crisis support, skill training, family training, recreation, transportation, support coordination, and assistance to access community supports. Families can purchase any items or services that support the family to care for their family member who lives with them. These grants may also be available to individuals who live on their own with no other DDS in-home supports.
What is a typical amount of an Individual and Family Grant?
The amount of the subsidy that is available to families is determined based on the needs of the individual and his or her caregivers. Grant amount typically range from $600 to $1,000 per year. In extraordinary circumstances, the maximum Individual and Family Grant payment per year is $5,000.
Am I required to submit receipts for purchases made with Individual and Family grant?
Families are required to keep copies of receipts so they may be available to DDS upon request. Families should provide information to their case manager regarding purchases made with Individual and Family Grant funds. A form is available through your case manager.
How do I request an Individual and Family Grant?
You may contact your DDS case manager or the Regional Helpline to request an Individual and Family Grant.