State Surplus Vehicles - State Agency and Municipality Procedures to Purchase

How To

Purchase a Vehicle During the Reallocation Period

Surplus vehicles are held for 14 days to give state agencies and municipalities a chance to purchase them prior to going to public auction. This is called the reallocation period. During the first seven (7) days only state agencies may purchase vehicle(s).  On day eight (8) vehicle(s) are available to municipalities for purchase.  Municipalities may request a price any time during this period and an interest list will be created on a first come, first served basis.  Once this time period has elapsed, if the vehicle is not purchased by a state agency or municipality, the vehicle(s) will be available to the public via auction. When vehicles are for sale, auctions will begin and end on Wednesdays at 6 p.m.

Preview vehicles coming up in future auctions:

  1. Go to the Auction Preview page on Property Room
  2. Any listings with Hartford, CT on that Preview Page will be up for sale within a couple of weeks following the preview close date.

Communicate Interest in a Surplus Vehicle:

  1. Email the DAS Procurement Surplus Team for a price quote.  It may take up to 3 business days to get a price to you.
  2. In the email, please provide: the year, make, model and last 6 digits of the VIN for each vehicle you are interested in, along with your full contact information.  Subject Line:  State Surplus Vehicle on Preview Price Inquiry:  (agency/town name, last 6 of VIN(s) )
  3. Once price quote has been provided, the vehicle will be placed on hold for a three (3) day period. If your confirmation of intent to purchase is not received within three (3) days, the vehicle will be placed back on auction.
  4. Vehicles can be seen in person prior to purchase or commitment to purchase.
  5. If you decide to purchase, confirm Surplus will administer the paperwork.  
  6. Paperwork will be emailed to obtain electronic signatures. 
  7. Once returned, an email will be sent to all parties indicating the vehicle may be released to your agency/town.
  8. Schedule a pickup with Corona's Auto Parts (or the appropriate agency) to pick up the vehicle, keys and title. If the title is not available, it will be mailed. 
  9. The DAS Business Office will bill your agency based on the sales paperwork.

Viewing Vehicles

To see the vehicles in person, go to:

Corona’s Auto Parts & Towing
608 Wethersfield Ave
Hartford, CT 06114

Viewing days/hours are:  Monday – Friday from 9:00am to 4:00pm

Please Note:  you cannot drive the vehicle(s) but you can have the Corona’s staff start it for you, check the oil and other fluids, and look at the engine and inside the vehicle.