State Surplus Property Auctions for State Agencies to Sell


The Department of Administrative Services, Surplus Property Program is the legally authorized agent in the State for the disposition of all usable property that a state agency deems surplus to its operating needs.

State Agencies are responsible for working with the DAS Surplus Property Program to identify any property they deem surplus.  The DAS Surplus Property Program will provide disposition guidance.  For example, the surplus property will either be deemed as scrap (if it has no useful life or resale value), or it will be approved for transfer to another state agency to claim.

If the surplus property cannot be transferred between state agencies, it is then offered to municipalities.  If the property is not claimed by a municipality, at that point the property is offered for sale to the public.  This sale process is conducted through an online auction process where members of the public can preview and bid on former state property in an online auction setting.

When property becomes available for auction, the auctions are held online at the Public Surplus.

Throughout the above mentioned processes, the state agency is responsible for a variety of activities including (but not limited to) posting it on the online site and coordinating pickup with the buyer after the property is claimed or sold.  The Surplus Property Program team will guide your agency if any questions about the process arise