State Fuel Card Program


The Department of Administrative Services and the Office of State Comptroller have contracted with U.S. Bank National Association to provide a Statewide Fuel Card Program.  This card can be used at any gas station.

The fuel card is to be used for business travel purchases of fuel for rental vehicles, or state vehicles whenever state fuel pumps are not accessible.

State employees using state vehicles should always first try to obtain gasoline from the State Department of Transportation (DOT) or Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection (DESPP) fueling stations before utilizing the Voyager Fuel Card.

Each agency has identified a Fuel Card Coordinator and this is the person who manages the cards for each agency.  There is an Online program called Fleet Commander Online and all maintenance and reports are done from here.  

Agency Fuel Card Coordinator 

Each State Agency, Board, and Commission shall designate an Agency Fuel Card Coordinator who will request, setup, make account changes, assigns fuel card(s) to agency designated vehicle(s) and reconcile transactions, invoices, and authorize payment to U.S. Bank National Association. 
Agency Fuel Card Coordinators will assign fuel cards in accordance with their agency's established procedures for fuel cards. Agency Fuel Card Coordinators will complete and submit all requests for their Agency's fuel cards to U.S. Bank National Association for processing.