State of Connecticut Office of the Claims Commissioner



The statutes which govern the Office of the Claims Commissioner are found in Connecticut General Statutes sections 4-141 through 4-165c and in section 54-102uu.

CT Public Act 23-131 made several changes to our statutes, please see this hyperlink below:



Office of the Claims Commissioner Regulations:

Claimants should be aware that the Office of the Claims Commissioner does not have jurisdiction over certain types of claims against the state, including, for example:

- claims upon which suit is otherwise authorized by law including suits to recover similar relief arising       from the same set of facts; General Statutes section 4-142(a)(2);
- claims for payment of employment benefits; General Statutes section 4-142(a)(1);
-claims for which an administrative hearing procedure otherwise is established by law; General                    Statutes section 4-142(a)(3);
-Requests by political subdivisions of the state for the payment of grants in lieu of taxes; General                 Statutes section 4-142(a)(4);
- claims for refunds of taxes; General Statutes section 4-142(a)(5);
- claims related to state highway or public works contracts; General Statutes section 4-61;
- claims related to defective highways, sidewalks and bridges; General Statutes section 13a-144;
- claims related to the operation of state-owned vehicles; General Statutes section 52-556;
- claims related to actions to quiet title; General Statutes section 12-369;
- claims related to buses or transportation service providers authorized by the Department of                     Transportation; General Statutes section 13b-34;
- claims related to psychiatric patients; General Statutes section 17a-550;
- claims related to interest on late payments of an arbitration award; General Statutes section 5-276(b);
- claims related to discriminatory practice; Title VII, 42 U.S.C. section 2000e et seq.;
-claims related to discriminatory practice; General Statutes section 46a-82;
-state employee workers compensation claims; General Statutes section 31-275 et seq.;