How To

For each Capital Building Construction Project, the State Agency must submit an 1105 Capital Project Initiation Request (through the Construction Project Management Program, "e-Builder") to the Department of Administrative Services (DAS) Construction Services, as described below:


Step One: Formulate a Budget:

  • Download and complete the 1105 Project Budget Detail from the DAS Construction Services Library to develop a budget for the project.


Step Two: Complete and submit the "1105 Project Initiation Request" in e-Builder:

  • Log in to e-Builder and complete the "1105 Project Initiation Request" process.
  • If an agency representative does not have e-Builder access, they should contact Tim O'Brien (at Timothy.O' to get an account set up, so that they could make the 1105 submission.



  • Send questions to the DAS Director, Construction Support Services: Craig Russell: