Connecticut State Documents Depository Program

Section 11-9c of the Connecticut General Statutes states that: “The State Library shall administer and provide access to the public, on a permanent basis, to a collection of tangible state publications, and to a digital archive of intangible state publications and a depository library system.”

The Connecticut State Documents Depository Program administered by the State Library acquires, catalogs, preserves and makes accessible publications in print or other media published by Connecticut state agencies. The Connecticut Digital Archive collects, catalogs, preserves and makes accessible the electronic or digital publications produced by Connecticut state agencies. Selected publications are distributed to a network of Depository Libraries throughout the state, making them locally available to Connecticut citizens.

The State Library state documents collection contains over 30,000 publications and reports chronicling governance of the state for the past one hundred and fifty years, as well as the digital publications of the past decade. Search our library catalog for state publications by subject, author, title or keyword. Many of these items are available for circulation or interlibrary loan.