Apply for Accessible Books Service

Applications for Services

The applications for free library service from the CT Library for Accessible Books (CT LAB) are given below.  There are separate applications for individuals and institutions.  The individual application is also available in Spanish. 

CT LAB Individual Application (PDF format)
NLS Spanish Language Individual Application (PDF format)
NLS Institutional Application (PDF format)

Applications may be mailed, faxed, emailed or hand-delivered to CT LAB.  Please use the information below to send your application to CT LAB.  Applications completed electronically must be printed and mailed, or attached to an email and emailed to CT LAB using the email address below. 

Mailing Address:
Connecticut Library for Accessible Books
786 South Main St.
Middletown,  CT  06457

Fax: 860-704-2228  

Note: The application is required to have the original signatures of both the applicant and the certifying authority.  Certifying authorities are listed on the application.  For applications completed electronically, handwritten signatures are not required but rather the application must include the applicant’s or certifying authority’s full legal name, title/position, organization name, complete mailing address, email address, telephone number, and the date.  In this way, the application can then be readily attached to an email, or submitted as noted above.  

Applications for Accessories

Breath Switch Application     The patron completes part one and submits the form to the CT LAB.  The CT LAB certifies the patron and forwards the application to NLS.
High Volume Player and Headphones Application   The high-volume player is a machine that has been specifically programmed by NLS to have an amplified volume of up to 120 dB. It can only be used with a set of headphones provided by NLS.  Because the high sound level of the player can cause permanent damage to hearing, all patrons applying for the high-volume player must be certified by a physician or audiologist.  Furthermore, a patron needs to be periodically checked for symptoms of additional hearing loss while in use.
To order a high-volume player, contact your reader advisor and ask for an application, or download the application.  The patron needs to complete part one of the application and have a physician or audiologist complete Parts two and three to certify the application.  Then submit the application to the CT LAB for further processing and final approval by the NLS.
Request for CT LAB Demonstration Equipment    Public libraries and other institutions should use this form in order to set up a public display of talking book equipment and books.  Such displays enhance our outreach efforts and are greatly appreciated.