Success Stories

Success Stories

Living Life

A Day with Ken and Cindy Dubey - Time to Shop

Aida Fuentes Thoughts on Retirement

Alison Smith Success Story

Anna Reagle - Always do your Best-Success Story for Anna Reagle, Special Olympics Athlete

Annalee Hughes Success Story

Bertha and Nancy - Living the Dream Success Story

Canteen Cuties

Carol Grabbe Direct Hire Success Story

Carol Grabbe - An Independent Single Woman!

Corinne Jackson, RTAII Recreation Success Story

Danielle Success Story Staying healthy and Strong through self-determination

Francis Tierney from Planned Parenthood

Genna Lewis at the Best Buddies Conference

Georgia Biewald (Gigi)- Feeling empowered to work, inspire, play and living life to the fullest

Greg Washington - Art Works!

Janine's Success Story for Housing

Jamie Louchin

Jared Schlegel’s Success Story - Seeds of Change - Living on My Own

Jeremy Powell and Natasha Cole

Joe Edelstein - Joe Edelstein, also known as “Jukebox Joe”, shares his abilities with his community.

Joseph Success Story-Seeds of Change Residing in a Community Companion Home

Josh Success Story on How He became a DJ

Joyce Rivers, A Wonderful Inspiration To Us All!

Keep Walking and Exercising to be Fit

Kellie and Bin Hartigan - New Homeowners

Kelly Schneider Special Olympics Success Story

Kevin Arce - My life is but one part of the story of the world. . .

Linda’s Success Story - Seeds of Change - “Living and Thriving in the Environment of My Choice”

Mackie and Tara Artwork at the Five Points Gallery Success Story

Margo Meley Success Story - "Seeds of Change" - Branching out to your own place to live

Mariah Pettway - Volunteer Work Success Story

Meet Chris

Michael Adamczyk Living My Life Success Story

Michelle Belle

Millie's Story

Niasia's Success Story

Peter Klein - Success Story

Richard – Success Story of Work and Personal Life Balance

Shawntay, Margaret, Brian and Kazuyo's Happily Ever After

Stella Leopizzo's Success Story

Sung-Bin Hartigan Success Story

Toni Asselin

Travis Stolle – Employment Success Story

Trey Barnes Success Story - A New Man

Varian S. - Apartment Success Story

Walkin' the Walk!

Yana Razumnaya - Apartment Success Story

Yana Razumnaya  - Interview

“Got A Job!”

Abby Snyder

Alison Smith

Craig Taylor Success Story - Quality of Life Means Doing a Job you Love

Elaine Martin

Haley Marks - Haley is living her life and contributing to her community of Greenwich.  Being competitively employed has made a difference to both Haley and the people with whom she works.


James Vaccaro

Jimmy Dzurnak  - Enjoys Doing Real Work for Real Pay!

Kaitlyn Critchley - A Job that Includes Wet Noses, Slobbery Kisses, and Wagging Tails

Karen Armington - One Job is Not Enough When You Love to Work!

Kelly Bond - Kelly Bond follows her passion in getting the job she has always wanted

Lacy Fuller - Success Story

Liam's Success Story

Michael Galinski

Nick Sinacori - Employment Success Story

Raeqwan Jordan - Makes His Life Happen!

Real Jobs for Real Pay Success Stories

Richard Goodenough and the Thomaston Savings Bank

Sarah Liebeskind - Sarah’s Red on Wheels Creations

Suzanne Johnson - Success Story

Varian S. - Employment Success Story