Michael Adamczyk Success Story

My name is Michael Adamczyk.  I live in my own place in Ansonia, CT.  I am 30 years old and my birthday is on January 31st.  I have been in the Knights of Columbus for over seven years.  I have been involved with the Knights for some activities and volunteer stuff.  I have been helping out with the festival at the church for three years and I could have been my fourth time, but they decided to cancel it because of the virus.  I have been working for DDS as a support to people who work in the Cheshire office/general worker for over seven years.  I have been keeping very well and I am organized at my job.  I have been taking my job very seriously with complaint and I know that I can do a job whenever someone has given me a task that I need to be done.  I have been keeping myself busy everyday especially when the coronavirus is involved.  I hope that I will be a social person when it comes to working with people.

Michael shared “Living My Life” in this video: video