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The Department of Developmental Services (DDS) Advocates' Corner provides information and resources to Connecticut Citizens with intellectual disabilities, their families and professionals.  This website focuses on, self advocacy, independent living, employment and health and safety for individuals.

State of Connecticut Department of Developmental Services
Mission and Vision Statements
The mission of the Department of Developmental Services is to partner with the individuals we support and their families, to support lifelong planning and to join with others to create and promote meaningful opportunities for individuals to fully participate as valued members of their communities.


All citizens supported by the Department of Developmental Services are valued contributors to their communities as family members, friends, neighbors, students, employees, volunteers, members of civic and religious associations, voters and advocates.  These individuals:
  • Live, learn, work and enjoy community life in places where they can use their personal strengths, talents and passions.

  • Have safe, meaningful and empowering relationships.

  • Have families who feel supported from the earliest years and throughout their lifetimes.

  • Have lifelong opportunities and the assistance to learn things that matter to them.

  • Make informed choices and take responsibility for their lives and experience the dignity of risk.

  • Earn money to facilitate personal choices.

  • Know their rights and responsibilities and pursue opportunities to live the life they choose.
Mission Statement in PDF Format (PDF, 153 KB)