Niasia's Success Story

Niasia’s Success Story

Written by Self-Advocate Coordinator, Varian Salters

Niasia Anderson

Niasia Anderson started MARC of Manchester’s Project Search in 2019. Niasia says Project Search taught her to be independent and the skills she needed to find a job. At Project Search Niasia had the opportunity to intern at the front Welcome Desk, the Registrar’s Office, and Foundation Office at Goodwin University. Niasia enjoyed interning at Voya Financial the most. There were 7 other interns in Niasia’s group.

Niasia graduated from Project Search in 2020.  She now works at Hartford Hospital Food Services as a Food Server.  Niasia started January 3rd, 2023.  She has worked there 9 months. Niasia got her job through her Job Developer and coach Jen Rolfe at MARC Inc. of Manchester.  Niasia went to Indeed to find her job.  She had family members who worked there in the past. Niasia’s father worked there a long time ago and a cousin currently works there as well.  Niasia learned how to be respectful of people & supervisors.  She learned the duties and skills needed to perform her job. Niasia prepares and serves meals, packages, and delivers sandwiches & works in the dish room.  She has a timer on her phone to help her to remember she has a 15-minute break. The social atmosphere appeals to Niasia. She knows all her coworkers' names. Niasia states her training went well and she would not change anything about it.

Niasia’s current rate of pay is $15.20 an hour. She works 5 hours a day for 20 hours per week. Niasia’s family is pleased that she has a job with good pay. When asked what she likes best about her job, Niasia said she enjoys getting to know her co-workers.

In her spare time Niasia likes to practice her typing and phone skills. She says in the future she would like to be a wonderful front desk receptionist. When asked, What advice would you give to anyone else looking for employment?
Niasia said, “Stay positive, keep the faith & believe in yourself.”

Niasia Anderson