Abby Snyder's Success Story

Abby Snyder
Is Working her DREAM JOB!

Abby Snyder sitting at a desk at work

Abby Snyder is currently the front desk receptionist at the ARC of Quinebaug Valley.  She just celebrated her 11 year anniversary with the ARC!  She is working her dream job!

Before becoming a receptionist; she worked in a school system, a doctor's office, and a Bread Company.  She also worked at the Emporium in Putnam (a shop through QVARC).  Her job duties included helping price items, stock items, and bag customer purchases.  Abby decided to apply for the receptionist job because they needed help in the office and she felt like she had the right skills for the job.  She applied and was interviewed for the receptionist job.  They wanted her to do a trial and she was great!  Abby says they've been "stuck with me ever since".  She loves her job and knows it is the right job for her.

Her current job duties are to answer phones, make copies, stock inventory, and assist with incoming and outgoing mail.  She has a daily checklist of job duties that she completes every day.  Abby is also an active member of the safety committee.  She sends out emails, refills emergency kits, and assists with other safety needs.

Abby Snyder sitting at a desk at work

She was a part of the GSE (Group Supported Employment) program; individuals would have staff support on hand at all times, but is now in an ISE (Individualized Supported Employment) program, where she only receives 1 hour of support daily to give her more independence.

Abby's advice for people who want a job is: "Go in with a positive attitude. If you don't get the job you want, just keep trying".

Abby Snyder sitting at a desk at work

Written by: Varian Salters