Josh Success Story on How He became a DJ

Josh Mears lives in Wolcott CT.  He enjoys working as a disc Jockey and often works and supports local events.  A good friend of Josh’s was a disc jockey; this is what sparked his interest in learning this trade.

To get started Josh needed to save money for the equipment the profession requires.  There was also a lot to learn.  It took two years for Josh to grasp the ropes and purchase the equipment he needed.  His first gig was a birthday party for a sixteen-year-old. As this is Josh’s profession he charges for his services however, he will donate his time for special events.

Josh Success Story How He Became a DJ

Josh doesn’t typically travel far, he stated that “bad weather and hotel costs can really affect the success of a gig”.  His favorite venues are banquet halls and restaurants.

Josh mentioned that there are some challenges in being hired as a DJ, such as people getting rowdy and demanding.  He recalls working at a wedding where a fight broke out and because of this experience, Josh steers away from taking on gigs at weddings.  Other challenges include people not keeping their commitment to having him come.  Josh now knows having a formal meeting with people first helps him to know they are serious and can commit.

When I asked Josh what the most popular songs are he said “YMCA, the Macarena, Chicken Dance, Cotton-Eyed Joe, Cupid Shuffle”.

Josh Success Story How He Became a DJ

As we wrapped up our interview, Josh’s advice to others based on his own experience was “Don’t give up, always look for new things to do, live your dreams, and always challenge yourself”!

Written by 
Carol Grabbe Self Advocate Coordinator