Living the Dream!

Bertha and Nancy

How does that saying go “Beauty comes with age?”

Well, Bertha and Nancy are standing proof of just that!

Bertha and Nancy  Bertha and Nancy

Just a few years ago both ladies were living in nursing facilities and now they live in their own apartment, hire and manage their staff and make choices about their lives, including where their next vacation will be!

Bertha and Nancy love to travel and recently went on a cruise to Disney with their self-directed supports.

 “Oh, It was the best time of my life honey, the best!”  “We’re living the dream.”  ~Bertha

They are happy, healthy, full of energy and truly enjoy living life.  Since living on her own, Bertha has lost a significant amount of weight “I feel the best I have in years!”  ~Bertha

Nancy is her own boss; she interviews staff and reviews/signs her staff’s timesheets.  But it isn’t all work and no play for Nancy.  She enjoys playing Bingo, doing arts and crafts and absolutely loves going to amusement parks.

Nancy went to Six Flags this past summer and had a great time.  Nancy got on stage and sang and danced with some of the performers.

“I laughed like crazy, it was so much fun.  It made me feel young, like I was a kid again.”  ~Nancy


Submitted by Jeremy Powell, Self Advocate Coordiantor