Liam's Success Story

Liam’s Success Story
by Natasha Cole

Liam's Success Story

Liam is a young gentleman who is participating in Project Search at Charlotte Hungerford Hospital in Torrington. Project Search is a volunteer program where Liam is training to do different types of jobs at the hospital.

Before Covid-19 Liam worked at Dottie’s Diner.  Some of his responsibilities were cracking eggs, cooking bacon, frosting donuts, and squeezing lemons.

While volunteering at Project Search, Liam has worked in the cafeteria, in the ENT Department, the Cardiac Rehab, and the Storeroom. His duties in the cafeteria have been food prep, where he has made sandwiches and salads as well as draining the canned fruits and vegetables. Liam’s duties also include putting away the clean dishes.

Soon Liam will be trying his hand at Wheelchair Transport, which he seemed excited to be trying!  I asked Liam what his dream job is. He said, “To have a paying job again!”