Joseph Success Story - Seeds of Change Residing in a Community Companion Home


Joseph                                            Joseph and Family member


Joseph Success Story – “Seeds of Change” Residing in a Community Companion Home (CCH)


Joseph has been living in a CCH for 6 years, throughout the 6 years he has become a member of the family.  He loves living with his provider. Their family treats Joseph with respect and they see him as an equal and not someone with a disability. 

Joseph found out about the CCH program through WARC. He works for WARC and at Ann’s deli in Waterbury CT once a week on Saturday, from 10:00am-3:00pm where he sweeps the floor and washes the dishes. The people who shop there refer to him to as Uncle Joe. His coworkers are like family, and they come over to visit him at his house. 

Joe has a farm on the CCH provider home and on the farm, he has, goat, cow and chickens. He enjoys feeding the animal on the farm. Joe has a unique house pet which is a pig. Joe and the CCH Provider go on day trips to Skowhegan, Maine. They go to a baseball and basketball games. He enjoys family picnics.

Joe has been able to speak up for himself about where he wants to live, and work, as well as speaking up for the things he wants and does not want.  
Joe is very determined and likes to stay busy. He would recommend any individuals to consider the CCH program and he said it was a wonderful program and very family oriented.



Joseph is an outspoken individual, fun person to be around, and he is a great advocate.

The advice he would give to other individuals is to live your best life and stay busy. Also, if you are looking for a CCH home make sure to find a provider who is someone who is all about offering a great loving and peaceful home to live in. Keep a positive outlook when looking for CCH home, know who you are and know what you want so you can find the right match for the CCH home, where you are a part of the family that you live with.