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  • 2017 Jobs in New England Creative Economy Report

    Creative workers are employed in nearly every sector that powers New England, from education, to technology and science, to major global brands. They help shape our industries and culture, defining who we are and where we want to live.

  • Accessibility

    A list of resources to assist in the development and implementation to make the creation — and the enjoyment — of the arts more accessible to those with disabilities.

  • Americans for the Arts: Arts & Economic Prosperity Study V

    Arts & Economic Prosperity V is Americans for the Arts’ fifth study of the nonprofit arts and culture industry's impact on the economy.

  • Art Is Power: Community Roundtable Discussions

    A series of curated discussions with key stakeholders from the arts, community members and professionals from various business sectors to provide unique perspectives on practices, challenges and collaborations that are occurring within the State of Connecticut

  • Arts & Culture Industry Guidelines for Operating During COVID-19

    Operating guidelines for the arts and culture sector to assist in reopening according to the guidelines provided by the State of Connecticut.

  • Connecticut Arts Alliance

    Connecticut Arts Alliance (CAA) is a nonprofit advocacy organization led by artists, educators and arts executives from all over our state promoting the importance of the arts in building healthy, vibrant and connected communities.

  • Connecticut Visual Artist Resource Guide

    The Visual Artist Resource Guide includes a variety of opportunities and resources available to Connecticut artists.

  • Creative Ground Online Directory

    This free online directory includes profiles for cultural nonprofits like libraries and theaters, creative businesses like recording studios and design agencies, and artists of all disciplines such as performing arts, visual arts and crafts.

  • CT Arts Culture Industry Guidelines for Operating During COVID19 FIRST EDITION UPDATE 52720 Final 1

  • Directory of Teaching Artists

    A reliable resource of high-quality Connecticut teaching artists who have been juried for their excellence in their art forms as well as their readiness, capacity and desire to work in schools and in community settings.

  • Glossary of Terms

    A list of words, along with definations, that an applicant may come across in program guidelines and/or during the application process.

  • National Assembly of State Art Agencies

    NASAA and the state arts agencies advance the arts for the well-being and prosperity of our nation's individuals, communities and families. NASAA is the association of America's 56 state and jurisdictional arts agencies.

  • NEA Grants for Individuals and Orgs

    Find available grants, awards and related events for individuals and organizations.

  • NEFA Grants & Programs

    NEFA offers grants to artists and organizations to support the creation and presentation of work. Other opportunities and resources that connect and strengthen the creative sector include online tools, convenings and research publications.

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