Art in Public Spaces Program

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Where can I find art by Connecticut artists?

This program invests in creative works by Connecticut residents and displays them in public buildings. It was one of the first state programs in the country and requires the State to spend at least one percent of the cost of constructing or renovating a publicly accessible building on artwork for that building.

We work with the Department of Administrative Services to implement the program. You can view some of our Art in Public Spaces collection online and learn where works are displayed.

Upcoming Projects

Upcoming projects will focus on purchasing existing works of art by Connecticut artists. These projects will not commission new works. Existing work may include:

  • Two-dimensional wall-mounted paintings, prints, photographs, mixed media, and similar
  • Indoor and outdoor three-dimensional sculptures that are free-standing, wall mounted, or suspended
How to Apply

We are not seeking artists for projects. To learn about upcoming projects, please sign up for email notifications.

Selection Process

COA will outline a submission and selection process for each project.

We encourage Connecticut artists to maintain a profile on CreativeGround, which is a free directory administered by the New England Foundation for the Arts (NEFA). COA uses it to find artists for projects, including public art opportunities.

Contact Us

Email Tamara Dimitri to learn more.

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