The Creative Economy
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Arts and Creativity in Connecticut

The arts and culture sector plays a key role in our economy. Nonprofit organizations and for-profit businesses employ a significant workforce, and Connecticut is home to thousands of entrepreneur artists. Our museums, theaters, music venues, cultural institutions, organizations, and arts-related businesses help our state thrive by:


  • Enriching the lives of residents and visitors 
  • Driving billions of dollars of local spending 
  • Generating hundreds of millions in tax revenues
Top Reasons to Support the Arts

Support the Arts

The arts strengthen our communities socially, educationally, and economically. According to research by Americans for the Arts:


  • Arts improve academic performance for students across all socio-economic groups
  • Arts drive tourism and revenue to local businesses
  • Arts spark creativity and innovation
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Read AEP 6 Findings
Nonprofit arts and culture organizations across CT participated in the sixth national Arts and Economic Prosperity Study.
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Develop and Sustain Cultural Districts
Connecticut is helping cities and towns invest in their cultural districts to improve community health and the local economy.
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Strengthen Your Creative Economy
Learn how we support work by Air Collaborative to help you municipality create and implement high-impact projects.

$954 Million

Statewide arts and culture economic activity in 2022.

$606 Million

Total spent by arts and culture organizations.

$348 Million

Event related spending by arts and culture audiences.