Artist Fellowship Grant Overview

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What is the Artist Fellowship grant?

The Artist Fellowship Program provides recognition and funding support for Connecticut artists to pursue new work and advance their artistic careers.

The program has three (3) grant designations with award recognition determined during the review process.

  • Artistic Excellence grants: $5,000
  • Artist Fellowship grants: $3,000
  • Emerging Recognition grants: $1,000

Be sure to review the program guidelines to learn more about the program before you submit your application.


When can I apply for the Artist Fellowship grant?


The Artist Fellowship Program alternates from year to year with the Artists Respond program. The Artist Fellowship Program will be offered in fiscal year 2025. Check back in late spring of 2024 for updated program guidelines and access to the application. The application deadline will be in late summer or early fall of 2024.



How to Apply

Review Process and Criteria

Grant Requirements




Artist Fellowship Program