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The Arts are Essential

We believe the arts are key to schooling and life-long learning. That’s why we help arts educators and teaching artists:


  • Provide high-quality arts experiences
  • Deliver an excellent standards-based arts education
  • Integrate the arts across teaching areas
  • Nurture students’ voices and leadership

Resources for Teaching Artists and Educators

Arts Directory 

Create your profile on our artist directory and be sure to check the box that lets people know you’re a teaching artist.

Summer Arts Institute 

Highly qualified instructors, mentors, models, and interactive group discussions will help you develop a program or curriculum aligned with National Core Standards.

Teaching Artist Hub 

Gain new skills and support from mentors, coaching, workshops, panel discussions, affinity groups, and more.

Our Partners and Programs

Arts for Learning 

AFLCT offers arts performances and workshops for schools and students, helps teaching artists, and administers the Higher Order Thinking (HOT) Schools program.

CT Arts Administrators Association 

The CAAA is a network of school arts administrators that works to ensure all students have access to quality education in the all of the arts.

Poetry Out Loud 

This program helps students master public speaking skills, build self-confidence, and learn about literary history and contemporary life as part of a nationwide competition.

Grants and additional support services

Every Child Art Experience Grant Overview 

Learn about the $2,500 award given directly to schools to support taking students to an out of school art experience.

For Individual Artists 

See the full list of grants, programs, services, and resources for individual artists.

For Schools and Educators 

See the full list of grants, programs, services, and resources for schools and teachers.


Kids working on Art

Review CT Arts Education Requirements

Connecticut law requires high school students to earn at least one arts or vocational credit. The State adopted the National Arts Standards in 2016 and a steering committee of arts educators helped the Connecticut Department of Education:

  • Design and deliver a statewide professional learning rollout initiative
  • Develop a model district curriculum
See Model Curriculum