Supporting Arts Grant Program Overview

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What is the Supporting Arts Grant?

Connecticut’s arts organizations and municipal arts departments use this grant to cover certain program costs. They use the funds where they are most needed.

What’s New for FY2023?

To prepare for the FY2024 grant review process, independent panelists are reviewing and scoring the Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (DEI) and Accessibility sections. These scores are not being used to evaluate FY2023 applications. They are being used to establish a benchmark that will guide FY2024 Supporting Arts Grant guidelines and criteria.

What’s New for FY2024?

Grant reviewers will evaluate your organization’s DEI and Accessibility principles. This will include how those principles are implemented through internal policies and procedures and external programs and services. COA understands that each organization comes to this work from differing needs and perspectives and that there is no one single path to establishing equitable practices across the organization. Because of this, we will ask questions that are designed to help you share your organization’s assessed needs and action steps. See How to Apply and Glossary of Terms & Resources.

Supporting Arts Grant