TO: DDS Regional Directors, STS Director, CTH Coordinators, Private Providers, CO Quality Management Personnel
FROM: Daniel A. Micari, Director, Quality Management Services
DATE: January 25, 2016
RE: FOOD RECALL ADVISORY: Recall of All Dole-Branded and Private Label Packaged Salads Processed at Their Springfield Ohio Facility
Food Recall Advisory
Food Recall Advisory:  On January 23, 2016, the State of Connecticut Department of Public Health, the Environmental Health Section announced the Dole Fresh Vegetables, Inc. has suspended operations at its Springfield, Ohio facility and all salad products identified with a product code beginning with the letter “A” in the upper right-hand corner of the package are being recalled. The salad products are marketed under various names including Dole, Fresh Selections, Simple Truth, Marketside, the Little Salad Bar, and President's Choice and have been distributed to many states including Connecticut. The product may be found in retail stores and restaurants. Dole has ceased all operations at their Springfield, Ohio facility and initiated the recall due to association of products from this facility with a multi-state outbreak of listeriosis. The FDA recall notice posted late Friday afternoon that includes packaging and labeling details regarding the specific salad types can be found here:
To date, there are 12 cases from six states including one death. Currently, Connecticut does not have confirmation of any cases associated with this outbreak, but that may change pending further laboratory testing . More information about the outbreak can be found here:
Consumers are advised not to eat the recalled products, retailers are advised not to sell the product, and restaurants are advised not to serve the product. Listeriosis is a serious illness. Those at greatest risk are pregnant women, newborns, adults aged 65 and older, and people with compromised immune systems. People who develop symptoms of listeriosis after eating the recalled products should seek medical care and tell their provider about eating that product. CDC says that although it can take up two months after eating contaminated food to develop symptoms of listeriosis, symptoms usually start within several days. More information about the illness can be accessed through the link to the CDC website provided above.
Please ensure those responsible for food procurement and preparation are aware of this food recall advisory.  Also review your food stores to determine whether or not the identified products are present.  If the identified products are present, address appropriately.