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A Request for Capital Improvement must be completed for any improvements to an existing community living arrangement with estimated total project cost in excess of seven thousand five hundred dollars for which the provider expects to be reimbursed through an increase in the fair rental value of the property. This includes any improvements to land, building or fixed equipment. Multiple improvements to a single property may be included on a single request only if (1) all elements of the proposed improvements are spelled out and individually justified, and (2) the documentation submitted in support of the estimated cost of the project details the cost of each element. If the attached request form does provide adequate space additional pages may be attached. Although prior approval is not required for improvements under $7,500, please note that three (3) competitive bids must still be obtained for all capital improvements and must be available for review at the time of any audit.

The request must be initiated by the contracting residential service provider. If there is a developer involved, the service provider must sign to indicate their approval and present the proposal to the department regional director for the region where the structure is located for regional approval. Prior approval of the Request for Capital Improvement by the Commissioner of the Department of Developmental Services must be obtained. NO RENOVATIONS OVER $7,500 SHOULD BE DONE TO ANY PURCHASED HOME WHICH HAS NOT HAD A REQUEST FOR CAPITAL IMPROVEMENT APPROVED BY THE COMMISSIONER OF THE DEPARTMENT OF DEVELOPMENTAL SERVICES IN ADVANCE.

It is the responsibility of the contracting residential service provider to assure that any developer with who they deal understand and agrees to abide by this process.

It must be remembered that the needs of the clients who live in the structure and the cost effectiveness of the overall proposal will be the major factors in the review and approval process.

(Alphabetical reference denotes specific lines on the form)
  1. The date, which the proposal is submitted to the contracting private residential service provider by developer, or the date private residential provider is completing the form.

  2. The street address of the property for which the proposal is drawn.

  3. State the improvement or improvements for which authorization is requested.

  4. Describe the circumstances or conditions that currently exist which warrant expenditure of the funds requested. Reference and attach as backup any reports, test results. etc., which support the request. If home costs exceed building caps, please provide additional justification of why improvement is health or safety related.

  5. Describe in summary form the actual work and/or equipment to be purchased. Be as specific as possible. Enclose any appropriate supporting document, which would aid in evaluating the request such as equipment specification and architectural drawings.

  6. This is the estimated total cost of the improvement(s) explained above as well as the estimated amount by which the acquisition cost would be increased for purposes of the fair rental value calculation. ACTUAL ADJUSTMENT TO FAIR MARKET VALUE WILL BE BASED ON ACTUAL COST INFORMATION SUBMITTED AFTER PROJECT COMPLETION IF APPROVED.

  7. Estimates should be of sufficient detail to evaluate each individual improvement separately as discussed under the General section of these instructions. THREE (3) COMPETITIVE BIDS MUST BE INCLUDED AS PART OF THE REQUEST. FAILURE TO DO SO WITHOUT JUSTIFICATION MAY INVALIDATE THE REQUESTS.

  8. The street number and name and town name

  9. The developer or his representative must sign the document at the time it is submitted to the provider for consideration (applies only when there is a developer involved).

  10. The document must be signed as approved by the Provider when this document is forwarded to the region for review. If the Provider requires any changes in a proposal from a developer, these should be discussed with the developer and a new document, which reflects the change, in scope prepared. The revised document will then be signed by both parties and forwarded to the region.

  11. The name of the private provider company.

  12. Signature by the region means that the development proposal has been reviewed and received an initial assessment for consistency with these guidelines.

  13. Signature of the Commissioner of the Department of Social Services after consultation with the Commissioner of the Department of Developmental Services.

  14. Signature of the Commission of the Department of Developmental Services constitutes approval of the Property Development Proposal.
NOTE: None of the requirements detailed in these instructions may be waived except by the Commissioner on the recommendation of the appropriate regional director. APPROVAL OF A REQUEST FOR CAPITAL IMPROVEMENT BY THE COMMSSIONER OF THE DEPARTMENT OF DEVELOPMENTAL SERVICES DOES NOT CONSTITUTE A CONTRACT FOR THE IMPROVEMENT OF A PROPERTY. If changes in the scope of work indicated in (C), (D), (E), (F), result in a cost increase of 10% or more of that originally proposed, a written request must be reviewed by the regional director and submitted to the Commissioner of the Department of Developmental Services for approval before proceeding.

  1. Indicate name and address of organization, project location and description of work.

  2. List each contractor requested to submit a bid along with the amount of their bid and their status.

  3. Indicate contractor selected.

  4. If exception to bidding process is requested, indicate reason.

  5. It is not necessary to always select the lowest bidder. However, if another is chosen, please briefly justify the choice in more detail. For example, the second highest bidder is a firm that has done business in the community for a number of years and has a very positive reputation for punctual work and warranty of their product.

  6. Attach this Bid Summary Form with three competitive bids to the appropriate Request for Capital Improvement to Existing Community Living Arrangements or the Community Living Arrangement Development proposal, as appropriate, and forward to the Assistant Director for Residential Services of the region.

  7. The Regional Director or Assistant Director for Residential Services will review, sign and forward to the Deputy Commissioner for Administration for processing.