Approval of Specific Information Signs and Business Signs on Limited Access Highways
Specific Information Signs and Business Signs on Limited Access Highways (LOGO) Program

Outdoor Advertising Permit
To regulate the erection of billboards through the issuance of State Sign Permits. (Initial, Renewal or Modification).


Major Traffic Generator Certificate

Permit to operate developments over 100,000 sq. ft. (Initial or Modification).

Speed Limit Certificate
Certificate to allow towns to establish speed limits on local roads. (Initial or Modification).

Traffic Signal Permit
Permit to allow a town or city to install and operate a traffic control signal. (Initial or Modification).


Intrastate Permit for Household Goods Carrier
The Bureau of Public Transportation oversees the regulation of moving companies, taxicabs, livery operators and motorbus companies.

Industrial Truck Permit
Permit to transport goods, property or merchandise to and between buildings of the same industrial plant . C.G.S. 13A-117. (Initial, Duplicate, Renewal, Modification, Suspension or Restoration).

Encroachment Permit
Allows use of a State highway for purposes other than travel. Normally, excavations, utility work, within the right of way. (Initial, Modification, Suspension, Restoration or Specific Duration).

Oversize/Overweight Vehicle Permit
DIVISIBLE LOADS - Permit to transport bulk construction material such as sand, stone or gravel. NONDIVISIBLE LOADS - Permit for the transportation of vehicles and/or vehicle and load which do not conform to the statutory limits for width, length, height or weight. C.G.S. Sections 14-262, 14-264, 14-267a and 14-269. (Initial, Renewal, Duplicate, Modification, Restoration or Suspension).

Radioactive Material Permit
Permit to transport radioactive material into and through the state. C.G.S. Section 19-409d. (Initial, Renewal, Duplicate, Restoration, Suspension or Modification).

Permit for Use on Limited Access Highway
Written permission for authorized tasks on limited access highways

Permission to Film on Limited Access Highways
Approval to Film on Limited Access Highways

Parkway Permit
Permit to operate on the Merritt and Wilbur Cross Parkways by vehicles normally excluded. (Initial or Renewal).

Special Event Permit for Highways
Permit to allow the use of state highways for special events, parades, motorcycle events, etc.


Individual Non-Commercial Mooring Space Permit
Any individual that wishes to anchor a boat should submit the Navigable Waterways Permit to the local Harbor Master on a yearly basis per C.G.S. Section 15-8.

Marine Pilot License for Vessels
License to demonstrate proficiency in handling vessels for the protection of the ports and waters of the State, including the CT waters of Long Island Sound. (Initial or Renewal).


Public Transportation
Rail Property & Utilities Unit
Rail Entry Permits and Licenses

Regulatory and Compliance Unit
Regulations and permits/certificates for Taxicab, Livery, Motorbus and Household Goods Movers