NOTICE: In response to the Governor’s Executive Order permitting outdoor dining & other activities during the COVID-19 public health emergency, CTDOT has established a process for businesses interested in operating along state roads. Read more here: Permit-Outdoor Dining & Other Activities in the State Right of Way


Regulatory and Compliance Unit

For independent contractors, drivers, and business owners who have questions about the recently passed federal emergency benefits package OR info on how to apply for Unemployment Benefits if you are one of the above and are now eliglible for unemployment due to changes made to the laws during the emergency:


On March 25, the Senate unanimously passed the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act - a third COVID-19 relief package to help workers, families, hospitals and their staff, small businesses, and the unemployed during this crisis. On March 27, the House of Representatives passed the CARES Act and it was signed into law by the President.


To help answer some of the many questions people have about what is in this CARES Act and how they can get assistance, Senator Chris Murphy's office put together a help page. The page will continue to be updated as additional resources and applications become available. Contact Senator Chris Murphy with all questions.


Guidance from the Connecticut Department of Labor on how to apply for Federal Unemployment Benefits if you are self employed


Thank you. The Regulatory and Compliance team


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Effective at 8:00 p.m. on Monday, April 20, 2020, Cloth Face Coverings or Higher Level of Protection Required in Public Wherever Close Contact is Unavoidable.


According to the Governor's order:
Individuals shall use a mask or cloth face covering when using the services of any taxi, car, livery, ride-sharing or similar service or means of mass public transit, or while within any semi-enclosed transit stop or waiting area.


Thank you.  The Regulatory and Compliance Team


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To our Taxi, Livery, Bus HHG and TNC operators, and the Traveling Public: 


The Regulatory and Compliance unit is in operation, but is closed to the public as of 3/19/20.  Said another way, you will not be able to come in to our office and speak with a team member.  Our team is available to assist you remotely.   We will update this information as often as needed so please check this page frequently. 


Certificate and Permit holders who need assistance: Please email one of our Regulatory and Compliance team members to let them know about your service request, so that we can help you most efficiently. Email contacts for our team are at the bottom of the page. Valerie and Linda  can help with applications, registrations, plate transfers and other similar  requests.  For info related to inspections or investigations, Carlos and Mike can assist.  Issues related to HHG concerns, tariffs, and updated financial info can be directed to Elhassan.  Again, email is the preferred and most efficient way for us to assist you.  


Currently our team, in conjunction with DMV, will be conducting Taxi, Livery and Bus registration transactions by EMAIL only.  Our team members will have the details for you.


Please also check the webpage of the Department of Motor Vehicles, as service changes may also impact your ability to conduct business.  


If you have a business  need, our team will do our best to assist you in a reasonable time period.  If routine items can wait until we are again serving you in person, we prefer to serve you in person.  


To the Traveling Public and HHG Customers:


If you need to file a service-related complaint, please do so from our webpage, but processing times may be longer than usual.  Note that all complaints must be in writing and filed through our system.  Scroll down to find the link to our complaint form.  


Thank you.  CTDOT Regulatory and Compliance team


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To our Taxi Certificate holders


If you wish to increase your territories in order to operate in all Connecticut towns during the Governor’s Emergency Declaration, please read below and follow the instructions:


Send an email to the Regulatory and Compliance unit using this format, and filling in the required information.  Send one email to both and  Use the format below, you may copy and paste into your email and then edit:


Legal Company Name in full:

DBA: (if one):

Taxi Certificate number:


Pursuant to the Governor’s Emergency order and Conn. Gen. Stat section 13b-97a(b), I request a temporary Certificate to operate in all Connecticut towns for up to 180 days or when the emergency declaration concludes. 



Owner/ member/officer (please select proper title)


Valerie or Felipe will email back permission to operate for up to 180 days or until the emergency declaration concludes.


To our Permit or Certificate holders who wish to temporarily cancel insurance, temporarily cancel plates and temporarily cease operation during the emergency:


Please send an email to, and she will email guidance regarding the procesess by which our team can asssit you.


Most importantly if you do not have insurance, you may not operate. Citations shall result.


We understand that certain insurers are requiring that plates be canceled at DMV, before insurance may be suspended or cancelled. You may cancel the plates with DMV following DMV procedures. If you cancel your insurance, you cannot operate. We want to be clear: you will not lose your permit or certificate authority to operate, you will not face citations, and your vehicle count will not be reduced due to the emergency.

To all our Permit and Certificate holders who have insurance policy payment worries:

Connecticut Insurance Department Commissioner Andrew N. Mais has called on insurers to immediately institute a grace period for insurance premium payments in light of the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Please follow this link to read the press release

It is essential that you check our webpage often for updates.  Thank you.   The Regulatory and Compliance team.

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To our Taxi, Livery and Bus vehicle owners who need to renew registrations:

According to DMV's webpage as of 3/26/20: " DMV is offering a 90-day extension period to Connecticut residents with expiring vehicle registrations. Credentials that expire between March 10, 2020 and June 8, 2020 are automatically covered by this extension. No late fees will be assessed for eligible credentials." As usual, follow instructions on the DMV registration renewal document, some renewals can be processed on line with a pin number on the renewal form, others need to be mailed in. You DO NOT need a red CTDOT approval stamp on a renewal.

Follow this DMV link for information.

Thank you. The Regulatory and Compliance unit team

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To customers who hold CDLs, please note the temporary waiver issued by the Federal DOT's FMCSA contained in this pdf document.

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For Business Owners who need to reduce employee hours:

Take a look at the state Department of Labor's program called Shared Work. According to the CTDOL webpage: Shared Work, designed to save jobs and retain skilled workers, offers an alternative to layoffs by allowing employers to temporarily reduce employee hours and supplement lost wages with the help of partial unemployment benefits.

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The Regulatory and Compliance Unit of the Bureau of Public Transportation oversees the regulation of livery operators, transportation network companies, taxicabs companies, moving companies, and motorbus companies.

Language Assistance / Translation Services and ADA Services

Meeting facilities at CTDOT are ADA accessible. In addition, language assistance / translation services for public hearings conducted at CTDOT may be requested by contacting the Department’s Language Assistance Call Line at (860) 594-2109. Requests should be made at least five (5) business days prior to the meeting. Persons having a hearing and/or speech disability may dial 711 for Telecommunications Relay Service (TRS) and instruct the operator to contact (860) 594-2243. Language assistance and ADA services are provided at no cost to the public, and efforts will be made to respond to timely requests for assistance.

Our staff at the Regulatory and Compliance unit proudly speak the following languages: English, Arabic, French, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Office Hours

WE WILL HAVE ENHANCED CUSTOMER SERVICE DAYS AND HOURS BEGINNING THE WEEK OF OCTOBER 5, 2015.  This is a permanent change to better assist you.   

For business that must be completed in person, the Unit's Days and Office Hours are now :

Tuesdays Wednesdays and Thursdays

9:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m..

For more than four (4) transactions, please make an appointment by calling or emailing one of the License and Application Analysts listed at the bottom of our webpage.

**Important update to Insurance Documentation Requirements related to all Permit and Certificate Holders.**
Please read this memo regarding the ACORD Certificate of Insurance before visiting us for a transaction.


Taxi, livery and household goods carrier company complaints must be filed in writing; no complaints will be taken over the phone. 

Please use the Taxi, Livery or Household Goods Complaint Form (revised January, 2019). This PDF form is fillable in the free version of Adobe Reader available at Save and retain a copy of the completed form to your computer for your records.  You may submit via email directly from the form or attach it to an email addressed to


Use this convenient checklist to protect yourself when moving your household.

Your Rights And Responsibilities When You Move from the U.S. Department of Transportation and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

Household Goods Movers with a Certificate to operate from CTDOT

Special Power of Attorney:  Used in conjunction with all of the Applications below, where an Agent/Attorney-in-fact will be conducting business on behalf of a Principal.  Valid for use at CONNDOT  for two years from the date of execution.  General instructions provided.  Staff cannot answer legal questions related to this document; please consult your attorney or business manager for detailed advice if required.   This is the only Power of Attorney format that the Regulatory and Compliance Unit will accept for the application process.  Original must be presented, and will be returned.

NOTE:  If you are conducting any automotive transaction such as registering a car or transferring a plate at the CT Department of Motor Vehicles, you will ALSO need the DMV-specific Power of Attorney. Go to the DMV Forms web page, scroll down for 'Special Power of Attorney', print it, and have it filled out completely for use at the DMV. They will not accept the DOT form.

To Revoke a Power of Attorney:  The two forms below must be filled out completely, notarized, and the originals submitted in person to the Regulatory and Compliance Unit. You must also provide copies to the Attorney–in-Fact, and provide proof of delivery with your submission.. Please call the information line for an appointment to coordinate the submission.

Criminal History Multi-year update Form:  All Taxi certificate holders and Livery, HHG and Bus permit holders are required to complete a multi-year update for their state criminal history. Follow the link below for the form; this form can also be used for NEW applications related to Livery, HHG and Bus. If you are filing a NEW Taxi application, use the form linked to one of the 5 applications in the Taxicab section below.

TNC Registration:  New registrations or annual renewals for a Transportation Network Company must complete the form below.

Livery Applications:  All Livery Applications have been revised.  To speed the application process and avoid applications being returned because of missing or incomplete information, please read the Information Sheet included with each application for a summary of important facts and an explanation of the steps involved in completing the application process.     

Taxicab Applications:  All Taxicab Applications have been revised.  To speed the application process and avoid applications being returned because of missing or incomplete information, please read the Information Sheet included with each application for a summary of important facts and an explanation of the steps involved in completing the application process.

Please take note of changes to requirements for the colors of Taxi vehicles and Taxi roof signs. Taxi vehicles can remain the factory paint color. In addition, the roof sign regulations no longer require a hole in the roof for the power wire to pass inside the roof panel, nor that the roof sign be attached permanently; magnetically attached signs with the power wire on the outside of the vehicle are acceptable. Click for text details.

 Click for a photographic example of an installed magnetic sign. Note that company info graphics have not been installed on this vehicle.

Household Goods Carrier Applications:  All Household Goods Carrier Applications have been revised.  To speed the application process and avoid applications being returned because of missing or incomplete information, please read the Information Sheet included with each application for a summary of important facts and an explanation of the steps involved in completing the application process.     

Motorbus Applications:  All Motorbus Applications have been revised.  To speed the application process and avoid applications being returned because of missing or incomplete information, please read the Information Sheet included with each application for a summary of important facts and an explanation of the steps involved in completing the application process.     

   Taxicab Rates from Bradley International Airport

Taxicab rates from Bradley International Airport to every town in Connecticut (and to some major attractions) are regulated by ConnDOT.

   Official Driver Taxi Trip Record Form

Official form for taxi drivers to complete for trips taken.

   Taxi Meter Rates by Town, for trips under 15 miles

Inspections and Wheel Chair / Mobility Aid Vehicles

   Pre-Purchase Inspections

   Livery Vehicles Are Exempt From DMV Window Tint Regulations

   Lettering Specifications for Bus-Type Vehicles

   Guidance for Inspection of Motorcoaches by CTDMV That Require Reciprocity Stickers

   Types of Vehicles That Require Inspections and Re-inspections

   CTDOT Vehicle Inspection Criteria for Livery and Motorbus Vehicles

This checklist provides what will be inspected for Livery and Motorbus vehicles.

   Mobility Aid Vehicle Inspection Guide

   Safety Equipment Guide

Under Connecticut General Statutes section 14-163c, the CTDMV requires that certain vehicles in interstate and intrastate commerce meet Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations. You can find an explanation contained in CTDMV’s “Motor Carrier Handbook".

   Unified Carrier Registration for Interstate Motor Carriers - Please Read

Under Federal DOT regulations, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) requires that the following class of vehicles be inspected YEARLY by a qualified commercial mechanic: 1) all vehicles over 18,000 pounds used in INTRASTATE livery or charter bus service, and 2) all vehicles over 10,000 pounds used in INTERSTATE livery or charter bus service and 3) all vehicles transporting MORE than eight (8) passengers including the driver for compensation in INTER or INTRASTATE livery or charter bus service. The annual inspection reports must be carried in the vehicle and produced as proof of compliance in the event of a roadside inspection.

Contact the FEDERAL DOT FMCSA regional office in Glastonbury, or the CTDMV Commercial Safety Division in Wethersfield for further guidance. Regulations for the annual inspection requirement can be found at Federal Code of Regulations 49 CFR 396. Specific criteria for the qualifications of the mechanic can be found at 49 CFR 396.17(d) or (e). Subpart G of the appendix gives the actual list of items required to be included in the inspection. The following link to 49 CFR Appendix G to subchapter B of chapter III sets out the Minimum Periodic Inspection Standards for the required yearly inspection. This link is not an FMCSA link and is provided for informational purposes:

Related Links and Information

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License and Application Analysts

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Public Transit Inspectors

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