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Know the Zone: Speed Safety Camera Program

Work zones are essential to building and maintaining quality highways, and we all play important roles in keeping them safe for drivers, passengers, and workers. In 2023, the Connecticut Department of Transportation (CTDOT) rolled out a one-year pilot program to strengthen our ongoing efforts to improve the safety of CTDOT work zones. The program ended December 31, 2023.

The CTDOT Know the Zone: Speed Safety Camera Program aimed to reduce speeding, crashes, injuries, and fatalities in work zones. The program used speed safety cameras to capture information about vehicles that speed through select work zones. The registered owners of vehicles captured speeding by the speed safety system were issued warnings or citations by mail. View a report on the Know the Zone Campaign

CTDOT is firmly committed to keeping our state’s work zones safe. We’re asking you to join us in our commitment and KNOW THE ZONE by being aware of work zones and how to travel safely through them. Together, we can improve the safety of our work zones and roadways!