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Fines and Penalties

A citation will be mailed to the registered owner of a vehicle photographed by speed safety cameras within 14 days after the owner is identified. For vehicles registered outside of Connecticut, citations will be mailed within 30 days after the owner is identified.

The penalties for vehicle owners are as follows:

  • First offense: A written warning with no fine
  • Second offense: A $75 fine
  • Every following offense: A $150 fine

If you would like to contest your citation, please mail the hearing coupon in your citation – located near the bottom of the Notice of Liability – to the State of Connecticut’s Centralized Infractions Bureau at P.O. Box 5044, Hartford, CT 06102.

Those who receive citations may contest them based on the defenses outlined in the legislation authorized the program. For more information, please see Connecticut General Statutes Chapter 241 Sec. 13a-264.