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The Process

  • The speed safety system will use radar technology to identify a vehicle traveling 15 mph or greater than the posted work zone speed limit.
  • A series of images are captured of the vehicle as it approaches and passes the speed safety camera, with two rear images of the vehicle used to show the distance and time the vehicle has traveled.
  • The license plate will be cropped from one of the images captured to identify the vehicle’s registered owner.
  • Other information collected will include the time, date, and location of the alleged offense, the posted work zone speed limit, the photographed vehicle’s alleged speed, and the lane and direction in which the vehicle was traveling.
  • Two trained speed safety camera operators then review the images and vehicle data to verify accuracy. The data can also go to a supervisor for further investigation.
  • The Connecticut State Police will review the information and certify whether the data collected is correct.
  • If the information is correct, a citation – called a “Notice of Liability” – will be created and mailed via first-class to the photographed vehicle’s registered owner.