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What is the Vision Zero Council?


The Vision Zero Council is an interagency work group tasked with developing statewide policy to eliminate transportation-related fatalities and severe injuries involving pedestrians, bicyclists, transit users, motorists, and passengers.


The Council was established in 2021 by the Connecticut General Assembly as part of

Public Act 21-28, a landmark transportation safety bill.




Vision Zero Council Mission Statement:


The Vision Zero Council (VZC) believes even one life lost in a traffic crash is unacceptable, traffic deaths are preventable, and commits to using all available tools to eliminate conditions and behaviors that lead to serious injuries and deaths.  The goal of the VZC is to bring together stakeholders to introduce policies, establish partnerships, and leverage available technologies to prevent death and serious injuries. Working together, we will eliminate traffic deaths and life-altering injuries.  

The VZC will build new and strengthen existing partnerships between state agencies and safety advocates who are committed to eliminating traffic crashes that cause death and serious injuries.  Through policies that make roadways safer and through inclusive community engagement VZC will achieve the goal of zero deaths from traffic fatalities.