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Finding Services
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Crisis Services
Suicide Resources
DMHAS Discharge Protocol
Scope of Work Descriptions
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LGBT Services

DMHAS Directories
INDEX - DMHAS Directories
Inpatient Treatment Facilities
Local Mental Health Authorities
Regional Directory
DMHAS-Funded Programs
Admissions Offices

Region 1
Region 1 Addiction Services
Region 1 Crisis Services
Region 1 Mental Health Services
Region 1

Region 2
Region 2 Addiction Services
Region 2 Crisis Services
Region 2 Mental Health Services
Region 2

Region 3
Region 3 Addiction Services
Region 3 Crisis Services
Region 3 Mental Health Services
Region 3

Region 4
Region 4 Addiction Services
Region 4 Crisis Services
Region 4 Mental Health Services
Region 4

Region 5
Region 5 Addiction Services
Region 5 Crisis Services
Region 5 Mental Health Services
Region 5

Advocacy & Support
Advocacy & Support
Family Support Services
Grievance Procedure
Grievance Procedure (Spanish)
Social Rehab/Social Clubs/Learning & Wellness Centers
Statewide Toll Free Numbers
Warm Lines
Client Rights & Grievances
CT Hearing Voices Network
Voting Rights
Advance Directives
Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

Problem Gambling
PGS - Home Page
Help for Family, Friends etc.
Do I Need Help?
Problem Gambling Prevention
Resources for Counselors
Contact Us
Lower Your Risk


Opioid Treatment
Medication Assisted Treatment
Opioid Treatment Programs
Prescription Drugs/Heroin - Resources
SA Walk-In Assessment Centers

Older Adult Services
Senior Outreach and Engagement
Nursing Home Diversion
Older Adult Conference Materials

Statewide Services
Acquired Brain Injury Program
Housing & Homeless Services
Shelter Plus Care
Special Education
Statewide Services - Home Page
DMHAS Deaf/Deaf-Blind/Hard of Hearing Program and Services (DHOH)
60 West

Women & Children's Services
Womens and Children's Programs
Specialty Programs
Resources for Clients
Resources for Providers
CAPTA/Plan of Safe Care
Women's REACH Program

Mental Health Waiver
Waiver Introduction
Waiver Staff
Mental Health Waiver
Waiver Services
Waiver Advisory Board

Veterans Services
Military Support Program
Veterans Services

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