Contact: Scott Kupis, Special Education Coordinator,

Who is Eligible for DMHAS Special Education Services? DMHAS is required by law to provide special education and related services to eligible students between 18 and 22 years of age who are currently residing in a DMHAS inpatient facility. DMHAS inpatient facilities are located in Hartford, Middletown, Norwich, New Haven, and Bridgeport. Screening and eligibility procedures are in place at each location to identify potential students. 

How Does DMHAS Assist Youth who are Transitioning to Adulthood?

  • DMHAS is dedicated to providing quality educational programs for eligible students. All students are invited to attend their educational planning meetings and are encouraged to take an active role in their educational programming until the time of their discharge.
  • Students will work toward earning their high school diploma by attending their facility based school program or by attending school in the community when deemed appropriate by their clinical treatment team.
  • Students will also have an opportunity to participate in various program options to further their transition skills required for employment, independent living, and community participation.
  • DMHAS will work collaboratively with each student’s nexus school district in order to plan for their discharge back into the community.

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