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The Connecticut Military Support Program (MSP)


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The Military Support Program (MSP) Embedded Clinician Program, now in its 10th year of operation, is a partnership between the CT Department of Mental Health & Addiction Services (DMHAS) and the CT Army-Air National Guard, and is a unique part of the larger Connecticut Military Support Program (MSP).


Program Description

MSP provides an array of behavioral health services to Connecticut’s veterans, citizen soldiers and their family members. MSP clinicians are embedded within Guard Units affected by deployments. Embedded MSP clinicians are civilian clinicians who serve our citizen soldiers in the National Guard and their families. Unit members receive confidential support and assistance from their embedded clinician in accessing community support services. Embedded Clinicians are all licensed Master’s-level behavioral health professionals who are credentialed by, and sub-contract with, Advanced Behavioral Health, Inc.  ABH authorizes all embedded clinician services, pays claims, monitors contract performance, and engages in re-credentialing of clinicians.


Connecticut is unique in that no other state in the country has established a program that embeds civilian clinicians within the National Guard Units at the Company level.



TOLL-FREE LINE: 1 (866) 251-2913


MSP outpatient counseling referral services are accessed through a call center that is managed by Advanced Behavioral Health, Inc., an administrative service organization contracted by DMHAS. Following a brief intake and initial assessment, callers to the Center are provided the names and contact information for clinicians in their area from which they may choose. An ABH Community Clinician is notified of every call made to the Center and follows up with each caller to support their connection to outpatient counseling. 


If a call is of an emergent nature, the ABH Community Clinician is immediately notified to assist in the evaluation and determination of appropriate response. MSP Community Clinicians continue to provide intensive case management support, especially during the period of a caller’s first few outpatient visits. Veterans and service members determined to have complex or long-term care needs are assisted in connecting with the VA Connecticut Healthcare System. 1 (866) 251-2913


Other Services:

  • OUTREACH within the National Guard and Reserve Communities

  • OUTPATIENT COUNSELING SERVICES, REFERRAL TO confidential, locally available to OEF/OIF Veterans, National Guard/Reserve personnel and their families

  • COMMUNITY CASE MANAGEMENT SERVICES to assure timely access to appropriate services

  • INFORMATION, REFERRAL AND ADVOCACY to secure the right benefits, right away


Background of the Military Support Program (MSP)

The Military Support Program (MSP) was established by the Connecticut General Assembly (Section 17a-453d) to address the behavioral health needs of National Guard and Reserve personnel affected by deployment in Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF-Afghanistan) and Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF-Iraq).  As the State Mental Health Authority in Connecticut, the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services was given the responsibility of administering the MSP program.  The program officially began in March 2007.



Connecticut Military Support Program

It is important for you to know that your involvement with the Military Support Program (MSP) is strictly confidential. Under no circumstance will an MSP staff member release any information to anyone relating to your involvement with the program.

In the event that you have been referred to MSP because of a positive drug screen, or your unit leadership has determined that you may benefit from substance abuse evaluation and treatment services:

  • MSP will provide you with the names and contact information of three clinicians in your local area. It is up to you to choose the clinician with whom you wish to meet.
  • If you are required to provide verification to your unit leadership that you attended counseling, you must notify your clinician. Your clinician will require that you sign a release of information form that will authorize them to release your confidential information to your unit leadership. Please know that MSP staff will not provide such verification.
  • Under no circumstances shall an MSP staff member release any information to anyone, even to your unit commander. Only you may do so, and that you must arrange through your clinician.


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