Mental Health Waiver Services

Each person enrolled in the waiver would participate in a Person-Centered Planning process leading to the development of an Individualized Recovery Plan.  The plan, developed collaboratively with the participant and a DMHAS Community Support Clinician would include one or more of the following services:

Rehabilitative and Support Services:

  • Community Support Program (CSP) – a flexible, team-based approach to community rehabilitation.
  • Peer Support – an alternative or “step-down” and follow-up to CSP provided by a trained and certified peer specialist
  • Recovery Assistant – provides skill building services in the home to assist participant in becoming more independent with activities of daily living and maintaining his/her own home.  
  • Supported Employment – an effective array of mental health supports designed to help participants find and sustain competitive employment.
  • Transitional Case Management – services provided during the weeks prior to, and immediately following discharge from a nursing home, to help locate and set up a suitable apartment or other living arrangement.
  • Brief Episode Stabilization – services designed to stabilize a participant in an emerging crisis situation or following discharge from an institutional level of care.
  • Personal Emergency Response System – electronic device worn by individual to secure help in an emergency may include an electronic medication management system.
  • In-Home Counseling -- to help improve coping skills to deal with long term disabilities.

Residential Based Services

  • Assisted Living Service Agency - Personal care and services, provided in a licensed community care facility, provided to residents of the facility.  This service includes 24 hour on site response staff. 
Other Ancillary Services:
  • Specialized Medical Equipment
  • Home Accessibility Adaptations
  • Mileage reimbursement for natural supports who provide transportation to documented recovery plan activities not covered under medical transportation
  • Adult Day Health
  • Home Delivered Meals
  • Chore Services

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