Directions for Completing the Profile Page

DDS LifeCourse ProfilePurpose of the Profile Form:  The Profile Page is designed to create an “at-a-glance” description about what is most important to know about the person.  Successful use of the document occurs when the person initiates use of the completed form to help communicate a “Pay Attention to This!” message that is easily shared with others.

Personalization of the Profile Form:  It is important that the Profile form is personalized in the manner that best conveys what the person wants to say about him or herself.  Some individuals may choose to use colors and pictures to convey a message, while others may choose to use words or other forms of communication (e.g. embedding a video).  There is no right or wrong way to complete this form.  You’ll know the document has been well done, when the person takes pride in their completed document and willingly and happily shares it with others.
Practice using the Profile Form:  Not everyone has an easy time of communicating their needs to others.  Some people will need help identifying and relaying their message and others may need practice to become more independent in sharing this information on their own.  Peer role modeling and mentoring is an effective strategy to help people become more confident in communicating needs.  It is important that each individual receives the individually tailored supports so that s/he can confidently convey what is most important for others to know about the past, about their current situation and about a desired future.

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