Enrolling in a Waiver
How Does A Person from STS Enroll in a Waiver?
For residents of STS this process will be fairly simple. STS residents are already receiving funding from Medicaid so only the following will have to be determined;
  • A person has to have an evaluation done of their needs. (Level of Need Assessment or LON) This process will help the DDS team to determine what kinds of services are needed once an individual moves into a community. Their needs could be behavioral, physical, medical etc.
  • The process for determining funding is done through the Regional Planning and Resource Allocation Process or better known as the Regional PRAT Team.
  • Once your level of funding is determined, then your Case Management team will complete the formal Medicaid Waiver Application.
You should be aware of the following;
Please note these are the same income and asset limitations that currently apply at STS.
  • There are certain income and assets limits specified for the waiver;
    • $1,600 and income and entitlements less than three times their SSI payment.
    • If you work, you may be eligible for the Working Disabled (SO5) Medicaid program which has even higher income and asset limits.
    • It is only the assets of the individual (over the age of 18), which are considered, not those of his or her family.