Vaccination Requirement Information

State Employee Vaccination Information

Update for those submitting testing information via the app: You are now required to upload a copy of your test results each week. You will enter your test result the same way you have been, everything up to this point is the same. After you choose the result of your test, you will need to upload a PDF or photo of your result.

All state employees must now be compliant with Governor Ned Lamont's executive orders (Executive Order Nos. 13F and 13G and its amendment) requiring that they are either fully vaccinated against COVID-19, or submit weekly test results. Please know that any new state employee does not have a weekly testing option, and must be fully vaccinated.

If you have not yet submitted your vaccination or testing information, please still do so using the below information.

Certain state contractors are covered under these Executive Orders. However, they follow a process separate from state employees. Contractor information can be found here.

Using the State Employee COVID Navigator App

If you have an iPhone or Android: Please use these instructions for support.

Apple App StoreGoogle Play Store

If you'll be using your desktop (you are permitted to use your State computer): Visit to sign up.

If you can't gain access to the application through a computer or smartphone: Please visit our Documents and Forms page for a form you may fill out and submit.

Please note: If you are applying for an exemption, you will need to fill out a form separate from the app, and submit it via fax or email. Further details are available in our State Employee Vaccination Knowledge Base.

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