How are P20 WIN Data Shared?

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Enterprise Memorandum of Understanding (E-MOU)

Executive leadership at all participating agencies executed an E-MOU that established a comprehensive structure for data sharing across agencies. The EMOU outlines a governance structure, data management process, and confidentiality and security requirements to ensure legal and secure movement of data.

The agreements for agencies participating in P20 WIN are listed on the Resources page.

Process for Data Management

The Data Sharing Agreements outline the roles and responsibilities of each party that will access data - the Participating Agency(ies), the Data Integration Hub and the Data Recipient.

Researchers, policy makers and agency staff may submit a data request for data from two or more participating agencies to answer burning questions. If the request is approved by the members of the P20 WIN Data Governing Board, a Data Sharing Agreement specific to that request will be executed.

Once the Data Governing Board determines that a report is sufficiently aggregated to comply with privacy statutes, the aggregated results and accompanying reports may be made public.

P20 WIN Data Dictionary

The P20 WIN data dictionary contains data elements that are typically utilized in P20 WIN data requests. Participating Agencies from whom the data are requested will determine if the data elements are available and whether they may be included. Download the P20 WIN Data Dictionary here.

With whom are Data Shared?

Deidentified data are only disclosed to those whose data requests have been approved. A data sharing agreement for specific data requests is created that encompass the rules and regulations of all parties associated with the request.