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P20 WIN Data Stewards

The Data Steward Committee was formed in addition to the Data Governance Executive Board and Data Governing Board to address data quality issues and other questions and concerns. Data Stewards are identified by each P20 WIN participating agency or organization and are responsible for maintaining and creating datasets for approved data requests.

A data steward is responsible for various aspects of their agency or organization’s data, and may be institutional researchers and information technology staff. They implement Data Governing Board policies, define data standards, and assess technical data matching processes in the P20 WIN system. They may also make recommendations to the Data Governing Board on the creation and improvement of policies and procedures, including data security recommendations.


Julie Bisi
CT Office of Early Childhood

Danielle Bousquet
CT State Department of Education

Sarah Caro
CT State Colleges and Universities

Scott Ciecko
Office of Higher Education

Ashley Dhaim
Office of Policy and Management

Xian Guan
CT Department of Labor

Jan Kiehne
Sr. Associate for Decision Support Resources & Data Privacy Officer
CT State Colleges and Universities

Liam McGucken
CT Department of Labor

Fred North
Program Director, Strategic Planning, Data Reporting and Evaluation
CT Department of Children and Families

Dana Placzek
CT Department of Labor

Maura Provencher
Vice President of Research & Administration
CT Conference of Independent Colleges

Dan Sokol
University of Connecticut

Coral Wonderly
Office of Policy and Management

Joe Daniels
University of Connecticut

Karin Haberlin
CT Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services

Kathleen McKay
Department of Children and Families