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GIS Office Overview

A geographic information system (GIS) uses geospatial technology for analyzing and graphically depicting how cities, towns, and rural areas work and interact. It helps us understand spatial relationships between locations and can provide insights into development and planning issues.

The GIS Office’s mission is to improve coordination of geospatial data throughout the state. Our aim is to ensure everyone has access to authoritative data sets. This includes executive agencies, research academics, regional planners, municipal governments, and more.

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GIS Data

What is Parcel Data 

The information covered in parcel data and how it plays an important role in real estate transactions.

Accessing Parcel Data 

Access the most recent parcel data or download the latest standardized property assessment data.

Submitting Parcel Data 

Learn how to properly format and transmit files to the appropriate Council of Government.

The Geodata Portal 

Our new Geodata Portal enables local government agencies to combine and share geospatial data, maps, catalogs, and services.
GIS Annual Reports
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GIS Community

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The GIS Advisory Council

Visit the GIS Advisory Council page to learn about the group and the work that it does.

Team Members