How Do I Request Data?

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How to Request Data from P20 WIN Agencies

Getting Started

If you are a policy maker, researcher, analyst, evaluator or other data user and need data from two or more of the P20 WIN Participating Agencies, you may submit a data request. Begin by sending the OPM Data and Policy Analytics staff a brief (one-to-two page) proposal that clearly describes your project, the data you are seeking, and how the work you propose would benefit the state. The P20 WIN Data Dictionary may be helpful to you in this process.

Support P20 WIN’s Learning Agenda

Data requests should align with either a participating agency’s individual research agenda or P20 WIN research interests, which are summarized in the Learning Agenda.

The Process

The following chart provides a summary of the key steps in the data request process. Bear in mind that additional actions are typically needed along the way to ensure that researchers obtain only the data they need and to ensure that data privacy and data security are maintained. For example, data requestors usually need to participate in multiple conversations with the agencies in order to accurately determine which data elements are needed so that the data requestor can complete the data request documentation.

  1. Data Requestor provides P20 WIN staff with a proposal outlining the request and the data needed.
  2. Outreach and Engagement Coordinator reviews the data request and determines viability.
  3. Data requestor obtains and completes Data Sharing Request Form for review by the P20 WIN staff for completeness and alignment with established policy guidelines, and schedules for review by agencies if appropriate.
  4. Data Governing Board members whose agency’s data would be included in the data request determine whether they will allow their data to be included. Each affected agency logs their approval or denial.
  5. Outreach and Engagement Coordinator communicates decision from Data Governing Board to Data Requestor.
  6. If approved, the Outreach and Engagement Coordinator drafts the data sharing agreement (DSA), circulates for signatures, and collects confidentiality and related documents according to the data request.
  7. P20 WIN staff coordinates the production and secure transmission of data files for the data matching process and for analysis to the approved recipient     
  8. The Data recipient conducts analysis using data files and generic ID matrix
Important considerations

Protecting the Data

Data requestors must be able to assure the Data Governing Board representatives that they are capable of securing the data during transmission and analysis according to the requirements in the data sharing agreement. See section VI in template Data Sharing Agreement for the Responsibilities of the Data Recipient.

P20 WIN Data Dictionary

The P20 WIN Data Dictionary contains elements that are frequently included in data requests to P20 WIN. It is expected that the Participating Agencies will add additional elements as they become available.