2018 Data Policies

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CGS Sec. 4-67p, Public Act No. 18-175: An Act Concerning Executive Branch Agency Data Management and Processes. Originally established in the 2014 Executive Order 39, this act codified in statute the role of Chief Data Officer within the Office of Policy and Management to 1) direct executive branch agencies on the use and management of data, 2) facilitate the sharing and use of executive branch data, 3) coordinate data analytics and transparency master planning, and 4) create the state data plan. The first state data plan was submitted in December 2018. It established standards for data management and analysis, identified goals, and offered recommendations for improved standardization.

This legislation also formed the Connecticut Data Analysis Technology Advisory (DATA) Board, which advises all branches of government and municipalities on data policy and advises OPM regarding online storage, among other data and technology topics. The DATA Board are planning to accept feedback on Phase 2 of the State Data Plan in the fall of 2020.

Data Policies