2012 - 2017 Data Policies

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Public Act No. 17-207: An Act Concerning the Workforce Development System in the State of CT. This act codifies in statute the P20 WIN Longitudinal Data Sharing System (P20 WIN) in order to match and link data from state agencies and other organizations to conduct audits and evaluations of federal and state education programs. This act puts in statute sec. 10a-57g the already operational P20 WIN system. CGS Sec. 4-67n outlines existing parameters for data sharing in Connecticut using policies and procedures, memoranda of agreement, employment records and requests for public records. Public Act Nos. 17-237, 16-169, and 15-142 have added to and revised the language that establishes guidelines for data usage.

Public Act No. 15-142: An Act Improving Data Security and Agency Effectiveness. This act establishes protocols to protect confidential information. OPM is required to develop a program to access, link, analyze, and share data maintained by executive agencies and respond to queries from state agencies and private requesters. OPM must establish policies and procedures to review and respond to queries while protecting confidential data, develop and implement a secure IT solution to link data across executive agencies, and execute an agreement with each agency on data-sharing.

Public Act No. 12-166: An Act…Concerning an All-Payer Claims Database Program. This act created the All-Payer Claims Database which receives, stores, and analyzes health insurance claims data. Information derived from this data seeks to improve the health of Connecticut’s residents through the collection and analysis of data and the promotion of research addressing safety, quality, transparency, access, and efficiency at all levels of health care delivery.

Data Policies