Mission and Divisions

At the Connecticut Insurance Department (CID), our mission is to protect consumers, including ensuring the availability of a healthy insurance industry in Connecticut.

We are available to assist consumers with questions regarding their insurance policies, and we offer support and information so consumers can choose the best insurance products for their needs. Through the enforcement of the insurance laws, we also ensure that consumers are not subject to unfair practices.

As part of our mission to protect consumers, CID regulates the insurance industry in a fair and flexible way. This approach ensures compliance with the law, promotes healthy competition, and provides access to a variety of insurance products.

The CID works with the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) to create standards and practices that protect customers' interests. As part of this process, we focus on the specific needs of the Connecticut insurance market.

Because insurance is a global industry, the CID also works with the International Association of Insurance Supervisors (IAIS). This collaboration aims to enhance supervision and the use of best practices worldwide.

Together, we help make the insurance market secure and beneficial for all.

Andrew N. Mais, Commissioner

About the Insurance Commissioner

The Insurance Commissioner plays an important role in fulfilling the CID mission. The Commissioner is responsible for setting the policy for and the operations of the Insurance Department.
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