License and Renewal Information for all License Types

License and Renewal Information

Stay in compliance and up-to-date with license regulations, fees, and renewal schedules.


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Adjuster: Property & Casualty Claims $130.00 June 30th – every ODD year
Adjuster: Catastrophe Adjuster Program Not Applicable Not Applicable
Appraiser: Motor Vehicle Physical Damage (MVPD) $130.00 June 30th – every ODD year
Certified Insurance Consultant $300.00 September 30th – every ODD year
Connecticut Partnership for Long-Term Care
Not Available Not Available
Fraternal Agent (Individual Only) $130.00 December 31st – every ODD year
Life Settlement Broker $66.00 March 31st – every YEAR
Life Settlement Provider $40.00 March 31st – every YEAR
Life Settlement Registration $26.00 Not Applicable
Managing General Agent (MGA) Not Applicable Not Applicable
Medical Discount Plan (MDP) $625.00 License expires one year from the date of issuance.
Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM) $100.00 December 31st – every YEAR
Portable Electronics License – Business Entity ONLY $600.00 January 31st – every EVEN year
Preferred Provider Network (PPN) $2,750.00 June 30th – every YEAR
Premium Finance Company $100.00 June 30th – every YEAR
Producer – Business Entity $130.00 January 31st – every EVEN year
Producer – Individual $140.00 Birth month – every OTHER year
Producer: Travel (P.A. 187 – Limited Lines) $750.00 Individual: Birth month – every OTHER year
Business Entity: January 31st – every EVEN year
Public Adjuster – Business Entity & Individual $300.00 April 30th – every EVEN year
Reinsurance Intermediary – Broker and Manager $675.00 December 31st – every EVEN year
Rental Car Permit $80.00 January 31st – every EVEN year
Risk Retention Group (RRG) $375.00 Not Applicable
Surety Bail Bonds – Business & Individual $250.00 January 31st – every EVEN year
Surplus Lines Broker – Business & Individual $675.00 Sept 30th – every EVEN year
Third-Party Administrator (TPA)
License and Registration
License: $500.00
Registration: $0.00
License & Registration: September 30th – every YEAR
Title Agent License (Not available in CT) Not Applicable Not Applicable
Utilization Review Behavioral Health Qualified Vendor Not Applicable YEARLY
Utilization Review Company $6,000.00 January 1st – every ODD year (starting 1/1/2023)