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07/03/2024 BULLETIN PC-63-24 Exemption of Certain Commercial Lines Property and Casualty Policies From Form, Rate and Rule Filing Requirements (This Bulletin rescinds and replaces Bulletin PC-63-01, and Bulletin PC-71)
05/31/2024 BULLETIN HC-113-24 Annual Filing of Formularies (This Bulletin rescinds and replaces HC-113-19)
04/25/2024 BULLETIN HC-90-24 Filing Requirements for Individual and Small Employer Group Health Insurance Policies Subject to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act
04/24/2024 BULLETIN HC-132 Legitimate Disputes Pertaining to Accident and Health Claims – Connecticut Unfair Insurance Practices (This bulletin rescinds and replaces HC-131)
04/24/2024 BULLETIN HC-81-24 Health Insurance Rate Filing Submission Guidelines
02/26/2024 BULLETIN MC-25 The Use of Artificial Intelligence Systems by Insurers